Club Hunts

Several times a year members get a group together and go hunting, some win hunts from different shooting events and others simply buy their hunt. They may go hog hunting or they may go guail hunting but, what ever they hunt there always "tells" of the one that got away, so here are some moments of the one's that didn't get away, and the members who got them.

E.T. has redeemed himself, he took both hogs on the Club hunting trip to Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge,on July, 29-30, 2011. This time he got the "piglets" brothers.Chili's will not be calling.

Rick with his Hog
Rick with his Hog

Scott, Brian, and Rick
Scott, Brian, and Rick with Rick's Hog
Club Hunt at Caw Caw Swamp, in SC, February 2011

Hog Hunt September 2010
Looks like a "Wild Bunch"

Bill Burkett
Bill still has that "Lucky Horseshoe"

Bill & E.T.
Bill & E.T. "Hog & Piglet"

E.T.'s Piglet
E.T., Chili's called they want thier Baby Back...

hog hunt January 2010

Hog Hunt in SC at Cypress Creek Hunting Lodge, January, 2010
Can you tell which one's are wild...

bill's hog

Bill Burkett and his hog, looks like it's been thru a famine

bobby's hog

Bobby Reed and his hog, looks like it caused the famine